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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Devin Baggs (One Step Away)

     Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, glory, pain, and triumph can sum up the making of singer Devin Baggs. Born in a small city in Florida named Pompano Beach Devin's singing can be credited to his upbringing in the church. Performing since the age of 5 Devin has always caught attention for his smooth voice, charm and stage presence. As the young r&b singer grew so did his love for his music as well as his talent. By high school Devin was performing with a five man group, were he wrote songs, scheduled shows, and choreographed routines. In 2006 Devin left Pompano Beach in hopes for stardom. While the move was bitter sweet D.Baggs knew it was best for him and his career. While attending the great Bethune-Cookman, Devin dazzled people with his edgy lyrics, vibrant voice, and non-stop grind. Soon the r&b sensation would catch his first break.
       In 2007  he made it to the final round of Diddy's Making the Band. Even though he wasn't chosen for the band his swagga, confidence, and expectations were at an all time high. With motivation from Making the Band Devin made another step in his career when achieved success on 'American Idol'.Once again Devin would fall short of his dream. Nihilist philosopher, Frederich Nietzsche said it best when he said, "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger."
                Living by those words Baggs set out to complete a goal that has been running through his blood  since the tender age of 5. "No car, lights off, water turned off and starving, not knowing where the next meal gone come from is the realness of life that can hit you sometimes. So going back to Florida after American Idol and Making the Band and having to grind was easy." Fueled by success and the passion for music Devin would return to Florida and take his skills from club to club and record songs with some of the top local artist in the Central Florida. “My desire is to lead the standard for true talent. I want people to feel my emotions. This can only be transformed if I keep it real! I want people to feel good, to get a message, and to feel a since of unity when they hear my music.”says, Baggs.
              To evaluate Devin as an artist is a hard task because of what he has to offer. He is very versatile and has a tremendous pitch range. You can hear the pain, the love, and the respect he has for music every time he is performing. Baggs is no shower singer, or  shy singer and most important of all HE IS NOT A STUDIO SINGER! With numerous "studio singers" in the industry Devin's voice is a fresh breathe of air. What makes Devin unique is that he has the stage presence of somebody who has already made it. Whether there is one person in the room or 1,000 people Devin brings it every time. The question is can Devin Baggs be an elite singer? Or be just another guy that can sing? With a style to match his talent Devin seems set to conquer the world of music."I don't see why not. He's young, fly, and flashy and has no plans on letting the foot off of the pedal." says, Rick Coleman former President of IINE. 
        One can guess that the future for Devin Baggs is full of hot collabos, beautiful women and a pocket full of money. With a self-titled EP expected to be released in early 2011 the stars seems to be aligned for the young soul singer.  When I asked Devin what's next for him. He simply replied with a smile, "World Domination!"

If you would like more from this artist please contact:

"Me Against the World"
-Ra Ra-


  1. Keep grinding bra.. i support

  2. I love it I pray that u will accomplish all of your goals! I love You!!!

    LOVE YUH.....

  4. Proud of you cuz. KUGW!!

  5. I'm your biggest fan boo!! Always will be..keep God first and everything else will fall into place! I love you ALWAYS!! Keep pushing!!

  6. I almost teared up! I'm so very proud of you (although NONE of this surprises me!) I always knew you were made for this! Stay focused and remember "WORLD DOMINATION" LOL....I love you, Your #1 Girl

  7. I'm so proud of you Devin. Keep God first, Keep up the good work, Keep on moving Don't Stop. Miss you and Love You cuz. It runs in the family and you're working it.
    Andrea M Hill-Harris