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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cam Dollaz (POW, POW, POW)

     "Clear the runway baby, fly nigga I be on the runway crazy, with my young lady and she sun bathing, reefer in my body, I feel so amazing." As Cam Dollaz mixtape intro continues to play in the background I look over and all my fellow nerds and pot smokers are mesmerized. Nodding their heads back and forth caught in a daze over Cam Dollaz music and the Kush incense, we can respect feel good music. Even through the heavy clouds of marijuana smoke you can see how the first impression of Cam Dollaz is felt heavily. As the mixtape comes to an end and the numerous amount of blunts are burning out, my long time friend Marie Guerra screams, "Ay Ra, roll up again and restart that Cam Dollaz shit." As I follow directions we restart our process of Paper Plane flying.
      I was first introduced to Cam Dollaz by DJ Mali Mal when they came through Atlanta on their way back  from Louisville, Ky. He simply said, "Smoke to this the next time you roll up. This guy is the truth." Listening to the words of DJ Mali Mal I introduced him to my fellow friends and our bong sessions a few days later. Not knowing what to expect I popped his cd in and waited patiently for the cd player to load. As the soul powered intro beat played it just screamed 'smoke one' even all the non-smokers in the room took a puff that day. His music was way more than I expected. Cam possessed something that most artist lack, a personality and charisma.It almost felt like I knew him after listening to his music. Almost as if he was right there in the room reciting his lyrics live. With all the many "music 2 roll 2" campaigns artist have, it's easy to get fooled by the incense of ganja on who or what artist really has skills on the mic. The Bread Boy signee has potential to take his style of rap and "head in the clouds" mentality to the front of the music industry.
     Born Cameron Hale in Kenosha, Wisconsin Dollaz would move to the city of Radcliff, KY at the age of 5. Writing since the age of 8 his first experience with music would be when Dollaz turned 12 and teamed up with the committee and future President of Bread Boy Entertainment boss Calvin "Beazy" Baker. His friendship and business relationship would prove to be validated when in 2008 Cam would be signed to his first deal with Bread Boy Entertainment. Alongside with child hood friend Young Sweet the duo would make a splash locally. (Check out for more info on the duo Cam Dollaz & Young Sweet) Also Cam Dollaz put together his crew filled with child hood friends and formed GFC (Good Fella Click).Not content with local fame the paper plane flyer would test his skills as a solo artist and dropped his first solo mixtape "Dolla Signs". With success on his first mixtape, Dolla knew he could set out and put his footprints in the world of music. The artist known as Cam Dollaz lays it down on the mic and holds no punches. When asked why does he rap he responded, “I rap because it’s all I know. I’ve been rapping so long that if I were to stop now, I wouldn’t be complete. Kind of like Brett Favre in the NFL."
      Just like Brett Favre, Dollaz is a gun slingger not scared to make mistakes and try new things. Dolla gives it a %110 every time he steps in the booth. His hardwork and Kush inspired lingo can be heard on the hit "Gotta Get It" which is making serious noise through the Midwest. Also tracks like "Fly Away", "Paper Planes", and "Dolla" showcases Cam Dollaz unique and ear catching talent. A true smoker’s favorite Dolla has no plans on slowing up or letting the competition catch up. "I make music for myself. Also, my audience is young, pot smoking, maleas and females. Anybody whol likes to have a good time or enjoys a bottle of liqour and respects REAL LYRICS! I am that guy for you! 99% of my rhymes are pot inspired.
     The self proclaimed "Ashton Kushner" spreads his natural high to a broader audience on his radio show "Talking Dollaz" on every Thursday from 5-7. Also with his booming blogsite, Cam understands the factual statistics that less than %1 of all musicians goes on to sell a profit worthy album or sign a profitable record deal.  Despite the numbers Cam Dollaz mission stays the same. With "Paper Planes 1.5" in heavy rotation and "Dolla Signs II" expected early next year. It doesn’t seem that Dollaz will ever come down from his high. With a business sense equaling dollars it'll be interesting to see what direction Cam takes to the island of "riches and bitches". Whatever direction he decides to take I’m more than positive that Cam Dollaz will fly to his destination with GFC by his side and a unlimited supply of "Paper Planes". POW, POW, POW!!

For more info on this artist please check out:
"High Times. Pow!"
-Ra Ra Moon-

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LoC Deezy (By Any Means Neccesary)

      Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's law is wrong it learned to walk with out having feet. Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared. Words by the forever missed Tupac Shakur describes the gold-mouth southern artist out of the gunshine state.
       Chilling at the bottom of the map in Broward County. There is a hungry artist named Loc Deezy in the studio nodding his head to the beats and smoking some strong sticky . As Loc waits patiently to step in the booth and prepare for his next mixtape he knows his time is right around the corner. Born Rodney Solomon in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. The down south hustler would find his craft in music at the age of 14. Only 21 Loc D has already made a huge statement in southern rap by dropping 10 plus mixtapes that can be found in the streets of the "Dale" and heard on The grind of Loc D can be dedicated for his hunger for more. "Aint nothing out in them streets. Trust me I know. The only place I can make postive things happen is in the studio." explains Loc.
     The former CTP member knows the value of hard work and has no plans on stopping his grind. The 21-year old Ceo of Hog Dog Ent is a young boss that is making O G moves.Deezy edits and produces his music. Puts together his own story boards, directs and edit his videos, designs his own album covers and promotional tools. Deezy grind is very is unmatched by most unsigned and independent artist. Its more than money, hoes and clothes to Loc. Loc Deezy is an artist that is moved by the music so much that he wants to try every aspect that comes with the music. "You roll or get rolled over." says, Loc. A statement that is true to his heart and saying he lives by.
      Loc Deezy music is grimey, gutter, cocky and most important of all  REAL. Loc D puts his past and present trials and tribulations of the streets, encounters with the law, and everyday life into his music. His voice mixed with the drums, kicks, bass and snares of the beats he chooses makes a powerful message. "1st of the Month", "Bout Dat", and "Chain" show off the raw and realness of his music. Loc is content on making his own lane and not following the norm like most artist. "I don't see myself in the rap world. I been in my own world so thats were you can catch me." says Loc Deezy as he lights up another spliff.  His "state property" mentallity is very loved by his fans and casual listeners. But can this format equal revenue for the Hog Dog Boss? If history serves correct than yes. People who genially don't care what anybody thinks about them and doesn't call their publicist at every drop of the dime seem to have the true fans. The fans that ten years later they still buy your records and hold you high on the "food" chain.
      Who really knows what the future holds for 9-5-4 representer but if Loc Deezy can keep his grind going and his overall value as an  artist rising. The Lauderdale native will physically be at the bottom of the map but his music will be on top of the world. “I do Loc Deezy music, this is my life your listening to, so just fall back and listen” - Loc Deezy-
If your looking for more info on this artis please go to:

"All Eyez on Me"
-Ra Ra Moon-

Monday, September 13, 2010

WarrenJae (What Dreams Became)

   Every once in awhile there is an artist that comes around and takes your breathe away (Props to Not knowing the words to choose or say. All you can do is nod your head to the music and respect the craft. The artist I present to you today is WarrenJae. A potential game changing artist out of Columbia, South Carolina by way of Monroe, Louisiana. The 22-year old emcee has been buzzing all over the world wide web and been spotted on the heavy hitter hip hop site for his monster smash "Dear Jasmine" Co-Starring Kid Cudi and featuring Chris Brown's latest fling Jasmine Sanders in the video.The young prince out of South Carolina has been highly coveted for his futuristic sound, soulful voice, melodic hooks, and powerful beats he spits over. The rapper roots of rapping can be traced back to 2003 when the artist really began taking the craft of rap seriously. "I needed some way to express myself. I’m a big RnB fan, but I can’t sing. So I started rapping." says, WarrenJae.          
          One step ahead of the competition and well before his time WarrenJae shows no signs of stopping. With bangers such as "Dear Jasmine", "All I Got", "Rather See Her Smilin", and "Deeper" its hard not to believe in the young rapper. The Million Dollar Dreamer is locked and loaded to take over the industry. It wouldn't be long before the indie label Million Dollar Dreamz would connect and eventually sign the young superstar in the making. With the mic as his gun and the bullets serving as his lyrics,expectations of WarrenJae running out of ammo is a slim chance. The twenty three track soundtrack "What Dreams May Come" which was released late last year, shows the purity of an artist that is hungry and ready for whatever. With cuts that feed your music appetite and beats that rattle your soul "What Dreams May Come" will serve as one of those albums that never dies.
    As a fan you can appreciate WarrenJae's "all on the table" rap style. WarrenJae raises the bar on each track off of his soundtrack. There is no second guessing the kid out of Columbus. The artist previous known as "Young Burna" proves he is well worth the hype. With the sky not even being his limit. Its a wonder how high WarrenJae and his "dream" can soar. The thing that is most important about Warren is, he holds no punches and isn't afraid to lay his pain, frustration, love for women and downfalls on a track. Most of the time those emotions would serve up as a suicide warning but in Warren's case it serves up as a success warning. A success warning that dreams do come true. With his highly anticipated mixtape "Dream Catcher" ready to release later this year and "Welcome to my Dreams" serving as his next soundtrack to his life. WarrenJae proves dreams do come true and this is what his dreams have became.
If your looking for more info on this artist please go to:
"What Dreams May Come"
-Ra Ra Moon-

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Devin Baggs (One Step Away)

     Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, glory, pain, and triumph can sum up the making of singer Devin Baggs. Born in a small city in Florida named Pompano Beach Devin's singing can be credited to his upbringing in the church. Performing since the age of 5 Devin has always caught attention for his smooth voice, charm and stage presence. As the young r&b singer grew so did his love for his music as well as his talent. By high school Devin was performing with a five man group, were he wrote songs, scheduled shows, and choreographed routines. In 2006 Devin left Pompano Beach in hopes for stardom. While the move was bitter sweet D.Baggs knew it was best for him and his career. While attending the great Bethune-Cookman, Devin dazzled people with his edgy lyrics, vibrant voice, and non-stop grind. Soon the r&b sensation would catch his first break.
       In 2007  he made it to the final round of Diddy's Making the Band. Even though he wasn't chosen for the band his swagga, confidence, and expectations were at an all time high. With motivation from Making the Band Devin made another step in his career when achieved success on 'American Idol'.Once again Devin would fall short of his dream. Nihilist philosopher, Frederich Nietzsche said it best when he said, "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger."
                Living by those words Baggs set out to complete a goal that has been running through his blood  since the tender age of 5. "No car, lights off, water turned off and starving, not knowing where the next meal gone come from is the realness of life that can hit you sometimes. So going back to Florida after American Idol and Making the Band and having to grind was easy." Fueled by success and the passion for music Devin would return to Florida and take his skills from club to club and record songs with some of the top local artist in the Central Florida. “My desire is to lead the standard for true talent. I want people to feel my emotions. This can only be transformed if I keep it real! I want people to feel good, to get a message, and to feel a since of unity when they hear my music.”says, Baggs.
              To evaluate Devin as an artist is a hard task because of what he has to offer. He is very versatile and has a tremendous pitch range. You can hear the pain, the love, and the respect he has for music every time he is performing. Baggs is no shower singer, or  shy singer and most important of all HE IS NOT A STUDIO SINGER! With numerous "studio singers" in the industry Devin's voice is a fresh breathe of air. What makes Devin unique is that he has the stage presence of somebody who has already made it. Whether there is one person in the room or 1,000 people Devin brings it every time. The question is can Devin Baggs be an elite singer? Or be just another guy that can sing? With a style to match his talent Devin seems set to conquer the world of music."I don't see why not. He's young, fly, and flashy and has no plans on letting the foot off of the pedal." says, Rick Coleman former President of IINE. 
        One can guess that the future for Devin Baggs is full of hot collabos, beautiful women and a pocket full of money. With a self-titled EP expected to be released in early 2011 the stars seems to be aligned for the young soul singer.  When I asked Devin what's next for him. He simply replied with a smile, "World Domination!"

If you would like more from this artist please contact:

"Me Against the World"
-Ra Ra-

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cam Dollaz & Young Sweet (Gotta Get It)

   From 8 Ball & MJG, Outkast, UGK, The Clipse,New Boyz, Kid n Play and numerous other groups, have had successful career(s) as a tag team in hip hop. The next dynamic duo to emerge in the rap world is Bread Boy Entertainments very own Cam Dollaz & Young Sweet from the Midwest. Out of a small town named Radcliff, the two new comers to rap are laying down the foundation like an organized mob movement. With GFC (Good Fella Click) at every show and the Bread Boy clan ready to pop-off. Dollaz and Sweet  movement reminds you of a scene off  of New Jack City. "Rock a bye baby !" With songs, talent, and confidence to back them up. The duo is eager and ready to take their spots in the kingdom of hip hop royalty. The road is a uphill climb but the two Bread Boy Soldiers seem ready for this war. "Their young, cocky, and they really don't give a fuck. Their smart and ooze with confidence. That's a combination for success" says, an Anonymous source.
     Can the two small town heroes trade their local fame for big time success? The juries still out but with songs like, "Gotta Get It" , "So High" , and "I'm Off" Cam and Sweet seem fully equipped. With a solo career in Cam Dollaz rising and his weekly radio show "Talking Dollaz" on taking off. It'll be interesting to see if the rap duo can stick it out together through the pure pressure, "fine lines", tricky lingo, and dollar signs the industry offers. If history serves right, the two will eventually split ways and try their luck at solo success. As of right now all signs point to accomplishing the goal together. The energy that they bring together can not be duplicated. The history between Cam and Sweet  begins in middle school. Where child hood friends Cameron "Cam "Dollaz" Hale and  Albert "Young Sweet" Winfield would gain a mutual respect for each other as well as each others musical talent. Ten years later their still rocking hard and have no plans on stopping.
      The Midwest "Malone & Stockton" use the same blueprint just like that  duo did during the 90's. Sweet plays a solid Stockton in delivering ill calculated verses and lyrical content. Malone played by Cam Dollaz lands a knock down screen with his passionate chorus's and kush inspired verses. As Sweet blows past the defender a simple lay up would be to easy for the "Polo Fresh" rapper. Instead he sees his big brother Cam Dollaz cutting to the hole and feeds him with a swagg inspired alley. Dolla attacks the rim with a thunderous slam that takes the heart out of the competition. As the crowd applauds for an encore, Sweet jogs back down the court like it was effortless. While Cam hypes up the crowd even more by doing his signature dance. Its amazing how two powerful entities combine into one force and become a deadly lethal weapon.
     Evidence of my theory can be located on the track "Gotta Get It." The song represents so much more than a catchy radio record with a good beat. It shows the passion to have more and the never quit attitude.With a mind of savage on their last food supply. The cliff town legends know if you want to succeed you  have to navigate through the wilderness and survive to see the fruits of your labor.Not satisfied with taking over their city. "Pinky and The Brain" are game planning on how to take over the world!  With the anticipation for "Greater Than Great Vol.II" rising and set to release late this year. The duo is armed and ready for whatever. Because just like the great Kentuckian George Rogers Clark said, "What good is winning the battle if you loose the war?"

If you would like anymore information on Cam Dollaz & Young Sweet go to:
Or for booking (270) 300-3406
"Superman High"
-Ra Ra Moon-

Friday, September 3, 2010

Philly Blocks (Loyalty is a MUST!)

"LOYALTY"! A word screamed by millions but only lived by hundreds.Webster's Dictionary defines loyalty as an allegiance or truth,  faithfulness or a devotion to a person or cause. This word, "loyalty" can sum up the mindset and the upbringing of the 22 year old rapper Juancinto "Philly Blocks" Neal. Born and raised in the West end of  Louisville, Ky, Philly spent most of his adolescent years hustling on the corner of 28th  and Dixdale. He always flirted with the idea of music and picked up a pen and pad when the mc was only 13-years of age. It wasn't until his last charge in 2006 that made the West End rapper give up his hustling ways and put his time and effort into music. "I never really wanted to rap, it was just something I was good at. When I  was arrested for having a gun on me after a shoot out, I was writing out of boredom and everybody liked it so they told me to run with it and don't come back to jail." says, Philly.
    Fast forward to present day and Philly Blocks has become a beast unleashed. With punchlines that'll blow your mind and a big boy swag to back it up . The small time street hustler is becoming big business around Louisville and surrounding areas. With an aggressive-cocky flow reminding you of a young Beanie Sigel (i.e. "Super High" remix with Cam Dollaz & BST) and a smooth confident mac like the late great B-I-G ("Rider Girl"  feat.DJ Fresh). Philly Blocks is starting to make a louder rumble as he grows in the world of rap. Blocks understands that all his short comings and his recent success is all because of his loyal state of mind. "I do this for my family, friends and my hood. Ive been through a lot of ups and downs, my struggles are only going to make my triumph more special." states, Philly.
        Small time fame is not what  Blocks is looking for. He expects to one day take his  music to a national audience and open doors for some of his fellow homies. If this story sounds familiar. I second that. Small time hustler getting a another chance at life? Individuals believing in his craft and pushing him in that direction? Or here's one, putting an entire city on his back and screaming his hood out every chance he gets? I'm not saying Philly Blocks is the next coming of the late Notorious BIG. I'm just saying history has a habit of repeating itself. Whether or not Philly is ever considered in the same class as Christopher Wallace. His music is unique.You have no choice but to respect his grind and his work ethic. With tracks with almost every relevant Kentucky artist, Philly has a blueprint to take over KY and guide the "Bluegrass" state into 2011 and beyond.
     With two popular mixtapes currently out, "Marlo Stanfield: The Crown" hosted by DJ Thru Da Roof and "Live From the West End" hosted by DJ Empty Beats and DJ Tae. Also a  popular street album entitled, "L.O.E (Loyalty Over Everything)". The goal of taking over the rap world seems to be in reach for the young man they call Philly Blocks. Loyalty has got him this far. Lets just hope that loyalty isn't the reason why he doesn't go even further.

If you would like to check out more from this artist hit up:
"Making Moves Daily"
Ra Ra

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jayo Swaggarite (Is he ILLA or just another ILL rapper?)

As I was searching the world wide web for the newest stars to emerge in music. I ran across a newcomer out of Florida named Jayo Swaggarite (shout out to Vince Paolo Grande for the tip). Jayo Swaggarite  was born in a little section outside of Orlando, Florida called Winter Garden. Growing up in a single parent household with three siblings was not easy, but it exposed Jayo to the daily struggles of life and taught him how to survive on the streets. Though he does not classify himself as a "Street Rapper" he witness and endured a lot of what the streets had to offer. When he was just 1 year of age his father was viciously murdered, and his mother incarcerated. Not having his mother in his life consistently throughout his adolescent years, and seeing what the streets had to offer it was not hard to make a decision of where he did not want to be.Jayo doesn't hide his past and explains more in detail in his bio.
          All this evident in the way he approaches the microphone. Every single track I heard from Swaggarites street album "ILLA", whether it was the "Turnt Up Freestyle" , "Ball",  "I Got Juice" feat. Oj Da Juiceman or his r&b inspired "Fame" feat. Faderro was a BANGER. Every noun and verb had so much passion, frustration, combined with his choice of beats made it hard to ignore the young man from the sunshine state. The self proclaimed "ILLA BOY" is only compacted in a 5'6 frame but has a heart of an elephant.I say that not because a elephant is one of the largest creature's on earth but because what an elephant represents. A humble quiet creature that keeps to itself. But once you make an elephant mad all hell breaks loose. Behind the mic Jayo is a quiet and a humble young dude. I found out how humble he really is as we were tweeting. On the mic he's a fierce beast that can not be held down. Evidence is shown on his smash single "Ball" which is making serious noise down south and through the Midwest.
            The question is, is this what hip hop needs? Another smooth talking, fly dressing, swagged out rapper? The answer is, YES, he represents so much more than that. When I tweeted Jayo Swaggarite and asked him why does he do this. Swagg simply replied, "I rap because of the passion I have for music and to represent people like myself who are hard working but haven't got a a chance to see that light at the end of the tunnel."
       Although Swagg music is confident, flashy, and moves your body. I couldn't really connect with him as an artist until I heard "Elevator Man" featuring Johnny Juliano. "Elevator Man" represents  who Jayo Swaggartie is as an artist. Somebody who has something important to say and is going to use the plateau of music to get it out." I repersent the working class. The have nots. People who know what its like to struggle. I'm the voice of those people. I do it for them." says, Swaggarite.
       Who knows whats in store for the Orange County native but Ive come to realize that it is more to this movie than money, cars, and clothes. Illa isn't  just a saying or how fresh the young mc is. It's a way of life that defines a culture and a superstar in the making. "Me and my homie Mal are future moguls of this rap shit. Music is just a gift from God to get me were I want to be in life." -Jayo Swaggarite- Now that's ILLA!

 If your looking for more information on Jayo Swaggarite he can be reached at:

"Living Life To The Max"
 -Ra Ra-

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

B SIMM IS BACK!!!!!! (well actually, he never left)

Local Louisville, KY  Rapper Brandon "B Simm" Simmons is BACK!!!!! Well actually he never left.Its been almost 2 years since the Louisville legend was making serious noise on the national stage touring with Lil Wayne and a host of other well known rappers. With his hit song "Rope A Dope" tearing up the air waves it was a sure shot that B Simm was going to be the face of Kentucky and the new face of  hip-hop. All that came to an end in late 2008 when Simm parted ways with his label Stremelyne music and got in some legal trouble. All the hardships of life could not stop Simm, during the past 2 years Simmy has been sharpening his lyrical talent and expanding his "B Simm" empire. On a interview that can be seen on ( Simm says he has spent a lot of time in Atl and NYC getting his connections up and indulging in the finer things in life. "Im still working, things never stop, the catalog is deep." says, Simm.
                            With his attention focused on music at a all time high. B Simm work and grind in the studio speaks volumes.Production by Shawty Redd, Chris Rich, Young Sears, Twon and host of other popular producers has the Simm Empire catching a lot of attention. With his new smash hit "Girls Love Us" heating up the airwaves and a host of other hits such as "Toast It Up", "Gettin It", and "Hotel" featuring R. Kelly. The future looks  bright for the "Peoples Champ" A rep from Atlantic Records states that, "B Simm is a problem. It's only a matter of time before he's up there with the Drakes and J.Coles."
                            Simm is content on setting the record straight about being more than the "Rope a Dope" rapper. Something that has clouded over his  head since 2007. When his monster smash first hit the airwaves. "The 'Rope a Dope' is no where near my type of caliber of music. If you heard any of my other songs you can tell that's not really me.If anybody thinks I'm a 'Rope a Dope' rapper or a dancer, get that out of your head."
                            Lately Simm has been spotted on the scene with former Roc-a-Fella boss Dame Dash. B Simm says, "We just working out all the kinks, he's getting his shit going. I'm getting my shit going on my own. Its very possible that you might see a situation come out of that. Until it happens I'll speak on it." Whether or not that situation happens. Simm has already made a lot of heads turn and is making some serious noise in Hip Hop. As of 2010 B Simm has  had two popular mixtape releases, "The Simmtomm" and " The People's Champ II" (Hosted by: DJ Mal). Both of these mixtapes can be found on various mixtape websites like as well as With B Simms highly anticipated street album "The Flood" ready to release,  it'll be interesting to see what the Louisville Slugger does at the plate this time with only one "swing left".

If you would like to get in contact with B Simm please hit up

"I live life Accordingly"
-Ra Ra-