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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cam Dollaz & Young Sweet (Gotta Get It)

   From 8 Ball & MJG, Outkast, UGK, The Clipse,New Boyz, Kid n Play and numerous other groups, have had successful career(s) as a tag team in hip hop. The next dynamic duo to emerge in the rap world is Bread Boy Entertainments very own Cam Dollaz & Young Sweet from the Midwest. Out of a small town named Radcliff, the two new comers to rap are laying down the foundation like an organized mob movement. With GFC (Good Fella Click) at every show and the Bread Boy clan ready to pop-off. Dollaz and Sweet  movement reminds you of a scene off  of New Jack City. "Rock a bye baby !" With songs, talent, and confidence to back them up. The duo is eager and ready to take their spots in the kingdom of hip hop royalty. The road is a uphill climb but the two Bread Boy Soldiers seem ready for this war. "Their young, cocky, and they really don't give a fuck. Their smart and ooze with confidence. That's a combination for success" says, an Anonymous source.
     Can the two small town heroes trade their local fame for big time success? The juries still out but with songs like, "Gotta Get It" , "So High" , and "I'm Off" Cam and Sweet seem fully equipped. With a solo career in Cam Dollaz rising and his weekly radio show "Talking Dollaz" on taking off. It'll be interesting to see if the rap duo can stick it out together through the pure pressure, "fine lines", tricky lingo, and dollar signs the industry offers. If history serves right, the two will eventually split ways and try their luck at solo success. As of right now all signs point to accomplishing the goal together. The energy that they bring together can not be duplicated. The history between Cam and Sweet  begins in middle school. Where child hood friends Cameron "Cam "Dollaz" Hale and  Albert "Young Sweet" Winfield would gain a mutual respect for each other as well as each others musical talent. Ten years later their still rocking hard and have no plans on stopping.
      The Midwest "Malone & Stockton" use the same blueprint just like that  duo did during the 90's. Sweet plays a solid Stockton in delivering ill calculated verses and lyrical content. Malone played by Cam Dollaz lands a knock down screen with his passionate chorus's and kush inspired verses. As Sweet blows past the defender a simple lay up would be to easy for the "Polo Fresh" rapper. Instead he sees his big brother Cam Dollaz cutting to the hole and feeds him with a swagg inspired alley. Dolla attacks the rim with a thunderous slam that takes the heart out of the competition. As the crowd applauds for an encore, Sweet jogs back down the court like it was effortless. While Cam hypes up the crowd even more by doing his signature dance. Its amazing how two powerful entities combine into one force and become a deadly lethal weapon.
     Evidence of my theory can be located on the track "Gotta Get It." The song represents so much more than a catchy radio record with a good beat. It shows the passion to have more and the never quit attitude.With a mind of savage on their last food supply. The cliff town legends know if you want to succeed you  have to navigate through the wilderness and survive to see the fruits of your labor.Not satisfied with taking over their city. "Pinky and The Brain" are game planning on how to take over the world!  With the anticipation for "Greater Than Great Vol.II" rising and set to release late this year. The duo is armed and ready for whatever. Because just like the great Kentuckian George Rogers Clark said, "What good is winning the battle if you loose the war?"

If you would like anymore information on Cam Dollaz & Young Sweet go to:
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"Superman High"
-Ra Ra Moon-




  3. These niggas aint no g's they barely got they city on lock nigga..CHECK ME OUT IN THE CLIFF....IM THAT DUDE..BETTA ASK BEAAZY..

  4. Na Brother your a hater...if you really was popping. I would of heard of you when doing my research on the hip hop scene in Radcliff. Your a clown. Please do not hate..speak your mind but dont disrespect. Thank you sir..
    -Ra Ra-

  5. oh yea..who are you? lmao. Scary dude didnt even put a name. BBE ALL DAY EVERY DAY. BEHIND THE CAV IS WERE U CAN FIND ME FUCK BOI!!!

  6. Candace (DizMaIsFyne)September 9, 2010 at 5:05 PM

    I am a fan/supporter of Cam & Sweet (BBE), f'n love their music. I am from tha 270 and will support them to tha fullest...These guys got big things coming their way...Keep it coming guyz, ya fans/supporters love ya...MUAH...P O W

  7. Dats wuts up....yall mf keep doin Wut tall doin...grind hard n keep pushn for da top...don't let ne body bring u down fuck a hata....get money....

  8. Commendment be the workers. I like to see these guys name in places and pictures too. Open the door and the support will follow. H. Master Ice. Keep me updated with your professional endeavors.