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Friday, September 3, 2010

Philly Blocks (Loyalty is a MUST!)

"LOYALTY"! A word screamed by millions but only lived by hundreds.Webster's Dictionary defines loyalty as an allegiance or truth,  faithfulness or a devotion to a person or cause. This word, "loyalty" can sum up the mindset and the upbringing of the 22 year old rapper Juancinto "Philly Blocks" Neal. Born and raised in the West end of  Louisville, Ky, Philly spent most of his adolescent years hustling on the corner of 28th  and Dixdale. He always flirted with the idea of music and picked up a pen and pad when the mc was only 13-years of age. It wasn't until his last charge in 2006 that made the West End rapper give up his hustling ways and put his time and effort into music. "I never really wanted to rap, it was just something I was good at. When I  was arrested for having a gun on me after a shoot out, I was writing out of boredom and everybody liked it so they told me to run with it and don't come back to jail." says, Philly.
    Fast forward to present day and Philly Blocks has become a beast unleashed. With punchlines that'll blow your mind and a big boy swag to back it up . The small time street hustler is becoming big business around Louisville and surrounding areas. With an aggressive-cocky flow reminding you of a young Beanie Sigel (i.e. "Super High" remix with Cam Dollaz & BST) and a smooth confident mac like the late great B-I-G ("Rider Girl"  feat.DJ Fresh). Philly Blocks is starting to make a louder rumble as he grows in the world of rap. Blocks understands that all his short comings and his recent success is all because of his loyal state of mind. "I do this for my family, friends and my hood. Ive been through a lot of ups and downs, my struggles are only going to make my triumph more special." states, Philly.
        Small time fame is not what  Blocks is looking for. He expects to one day take his  music to a national audience and open doors for some of his fellow homies. If this story sounds familiar. I second that. Small time hustler getting a another chance at life? Individuals believing in his craft and pushing him in that direction? Or here's one, putting an entire city on his back and screaming his hood out every chance he gets? I'm not saying Philly Blocks is the next coming of the late Notorious BIG. I'm just saying history has a habit of repeating itself. Whether or not Philly is ever considered in the same class as Christopher Wallace. His music is unique.You have no choice but to respect his grind and his work ethic. With tracks with almost every relevant Kentucky artist, Philly has a blueprint to take over KY and guide the "Bluegrass" state into 2011 and beyond.
     With two popular mixtapes currently out, "Marlo Stanfield: The Crown" hosted by DJ Thru Da Roof and "Live From the West End" hosted by DJ Empty Beats and DJ Tae. Also a  popular street album entitled, "L.O.E (Loyalty Over Everything)". The goal of taking over the rap world seems to be in reach for the young man they call Philly Blocks. Loyalty has got him this far. Lets just hope that loyalty isn't the reason why he doesn't go even further.

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  1. Get up Philly make it happen....... I Believe in you!!!!!! -Cheryl!!!!

  2. Continue grindin Philly...knew you had it the first time
    I seen you perform homie...StashSpot Ent wishes you much success homie!!!!

  3. keep doin ya thing brah !! u know i support ya !!! YOUNG KNAVE ! LEGGGGGGGGGG-IT !