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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cam Dollaz (POW, POW, POW)

     "Clear the runway baby, fly nigga I be on the runway crazy, with my young lady and she sun bathing, reefer in my body, I feel so amazing." As Cam Dollaz mixtape intro continues to play in the background I look over and all my fellow nerds and pot smokers are mesmerized. Nodding their heads back and forth caught in a daze over Cam Dollaz music and the Kush incense, we can respect feel good music. Even through the heavy clouds of marijuana smoke you can see how the first impression of Cam Dollaz is felt heavily. As the mixtape comes to an end and the numerous amount of blunts are burning out, my long time friend Marie Guerra screams, "Ay Ra, roll up again and restart that Cam Dollaz shit." As I follow directions we restart our process of Paper Plane flying.
      I was first introduced to Cam Dollaz by DJ Mali Mal when they came through Atlanta on their way back  from Louisville, Ky. He simply said, "Smoke to this the next time you roll up. This guy is the truth." Listening to the words of DJ Mali Mal I introduced him to my fellow friends and our bong sessions a few days later. Not knowing what to expect I popped his cd in and waited patiently for the cd player to load. As the soul powered intro beat played it just screamed 'smoke one' even all the non-smokers in the room took a puff that day. His music was way more than I expected. Cam possessed something that most artist lack, a personality and charisma.It almost felt like I knew him after listening to his music. Almost as if he was right there in the room reciting his lyrics live. With all the many "music 2 roll 2" campaigns artist have, it's easy to get fooled by the incense of ganja on who or what artist really has skills on the mic. The Bread Boy signee has potential to take his style of rap and "head in the clouds" mentality to the front of the music industry.
     Born Cameron Hale in Kenosha, Wisconsin Dollaz would move to the city of Radcliff, KY at the age of 5. Writing since the age of 8 his first experience with music would be when Dollaz turned 12 and teamed up with the committee and future President of Bread Boy Entertainment boss Calvin "Beazy" Baker. His friendship and business relationship would prove to be validated when in 2008 Cam would be signed to his first deal with Bread Boy Entertainment. Alongside with child hood friend Young Sweet the duo would make a splash locally. (Check out for more info on the duo Cam Dollaz & Young Sweet) Also Cam Dollaz put together his crew filled with child hood friends and formed GFC (Good Fella Click).Not content with local fame the paper plane flyer would test his skills as a solo artist and dropped his first solo mixtape "Dolla Signs". With success on his first mixtape, Dolla knew he could set out and put his footprints in the world of music. The artist known as Cam Dollaz lays it down on the mic and holds no punches. When asked why does he rap he responded, “I rap because it’s all I know. I’ve been rapping so long that if I were to stop now, I wouldn’t be complete. Kind of like Brett Favre in the NFL."
      Just like Brett Favre, Dollaz is a gun slingger not scared to make mistakes and try new things. Dolla gives it a %110 every time he steps in the booth. His hardwork and Kush inspired lingo can be heard on the hit "Gotta Get It" which is making serious noise through the Midwest. Also tracks like "Fly Away", "Paper Planes", and "Dolla" showcases Cam Dollaz unique and ear catching talent. A true smoker’s favorite Dolla has no plans on slowing up or letting the competition catch up. "I make music for myself. Also, my audience is young, pot smoking, maleas and females. Anybody whol likes to have a good time or enjoys a bottle of liqour and respects REAL LYRICS! I am that guy for you! 99% of my rhymes are pot inspired.
     The self proclaimed "Ashton Kushner" spreads his natural high to a broader audience on his radio show "Talking Dollaz" on every Thursday from 5-7. Also with his booming blogsite, Cam understands the factual statistics that less than %1 of all musicians goes on to sell a profit worthy album or sign a profitable record deal.  Despite the numbers Cam Dollaz mission stays the same. With "Paper Planes 1.5" in heavy rotation and "Dolla Signs II" expected early next year. It doesn’t seem that Dollaz will ever come down from his high. With a business sense equaling dollars it'll be interesting to see what direction Cam takes to the island of "riches and bitches". Whatever direction he decides to take I’m more than positive that Cam Dollaz will fly to his destination with GFC by his side and a unlimited supply of "Paper Planes". POW, POW, POW!!

For more info on this artist please check out:
"High Times. Pow!"
-Ra Ra Moon-

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