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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

B SIMM IS BACK!!!!!! (well actually, he never left)

Local Louisville, KY  Rapper Brandon "B Simm" Simmons is BACK!!!!! Well actually he never left.Its been almost 2 years since the Louisville legend was making serious noise on the national stage touring with Lil Wayne and a host of other well known rappers. With his hit song "Rope A Dope" tearing up the air waves it was a sure shot that B Simm was going to be the face of Kentucky and the new face of  hip-hop. All that came to an end in late 2008 when Simm parted ways with his label Stremelyne music and got in some legal trouble. All the hardships of life could not stop Simm, during the past 2 years Simmy has been sharpening his lyrical talent and expanding his "B Simm" empire. On a interview that can be seen on ( Simm says he has spent a lot of time in Atl and NYC getting his connections up and indulging in the finer things in life. "Im still working, things never stop, the catalog is deep." says, Simm.
                            With his attention focused on music at a all time high. B Simm work and grind in the studio speaks volumes.Production by Shawty Redd, Chris Rich, Young Sears, Twon and host of other popular producers has the Simm Empire catching a lot of attention. With his new smash hit "Girls Love Us" heating up the airwaves and a host of other hits such as "Toast It Up", "Gettin It", and "Hotel" featuring R. Kelly. The future looks  bright for the "Peoples Champ" A rep from Atlantic Records states that, "B Simm is a problem. It's only a matter of time before he's up there with the Drakes and J.Coles."
                            Simm is content on setting the record straight about being more than the "Rope a Dope" rapper. Something that has clouded over his  head since 2007. When his monster smash first hit the airwaves. "The 'Rope a Dope' is no where near my type of caliber of music. If you heard any of my other songs you can tell that's not really me.If anybody thinks I'm a 'Rope a Dope' rapper or a dancer, get that out of your head."
                            Lately Simm has been spotted on the scene with former Roc-a-Fella boss Dame Dash. B Simm says, "We just working out all the kinks, he's getting his shit going. I'm getting my shit going on my own. Its very possible that you might see a situation come out of that. Until it happens I'll speak on it." Whether or not that situation happens. Simm has already made a lot of heads turn and is making some serious noise in Hip Hop. As of 2010 B Simm has  had two popular mixtape releases, "The Simmtomm" and " The People's Champ II" (Hosted by: DJ Mal). Both of these mixtapes can be found on various mixtape websites like as well as With B Simms highly anticipated street album "The Flood" ready to release,  it'll be interesting to see what the Louisville Slugger does at the plate this time with only one "swing left".

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  1. this is simm wonderin who did this interview ...well worded , hit me .. i apreciate it whoever this is i need a new bio