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Monday, September 13, 2010

WarrenJae (What Dreams Became)

   Every once in awhile there is an artist that comes around and takes your breathe away (Props to Not knowing the words to choose or say. All you can do is nod your head to the music and respect the craft. The artist I present to you today is WarrenJae. A potential game changing artist out of Columbia, South Carolina by way of Monroe, Louisiana. The 22-year old emcee has been buzzing all over the world wide web and been spotted on the heavy hitter hip hop site for his monster smash "Dear Jasmine" Co-Starring Kid Cudi and featuring Chris Brown's latest fling Jasmine Sanders in the video.The young prince out of South Carolina has been highly coveted for his futuristic sound, soulful voice, melodic hooks, and powerful beats he spits over. The rapper roots of rapping can be traced back to 2003 when the artist really began taking the craft of rap seriously. "I needed some way to express myself. I’m a big RnB fan, but I can’t sing. So I started rapping." says, WarrenJae.          
          One step ahead of the competition and well before his time WarrenJae shows no signs of stopping. With bangers such as "Dear Jasmine", "All I Got", "Rather See Her Smilin", and "Deeper" its hard not to believe in the young rapper. The Million Dollar Dreamer is locked and loaded to take over the industry. It wouldn't be long before the indie label Million Dollar Dreamz would connect and eventually sign the young superstar in the making. With the mic as his gun and the bullets serving as his lyrics,expectations of WarrenJae running out of ammo is a slim chance. The twenty three track soundtrack "What Dreams May Come" which was released late last year, shows the purity of an artist that is hungry and ready for whatever. With cuts that feed your music appetite and beats that rattle your soul "What Dreams May Come" will serve as one of those albums that never dies.
    As a fan you can appreciate WarrenJae's "all on the table" rap style. WarrenJae raises the bar on each track off of his soundtrack. There is no second guessing the kid out of Columbus. The artist previous known as "Young Burna" proves he is well worth the hype. With the sky not even being his limit. Its a wonder how high WarrenJae and his "dream" can soar. The thing that is most important about Warren is, he holds no punches and isn't afraid to lay his pain, frustration, love for women and downfalls on a track. Most of the time those emotions would serve up as a suicide warning but in Warren's case it serves up as a success warning. A success warning that dreams do come true. With his highly anticipated mixtape "Dream Catcher" ready to release later this year and "Welcome to my Dreams" serving as his next soundtrack to his life. WarrenJae proves dreams do come true and this is what his dreams have became.
If your looking for more info on this artist please go to:
"What Dreams May Come"
-Ra Ra Moon-


  1. That joint is should check out'm sure they would accept your music for radioplay

  2. I love this article my fav